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Venus Cutaway

This is the Concert bodied Faith complete with cutaway and pickup. Bright and responsive, with a very 'open' tone from the natural finish. This is comfortable to play due to the smaller body, but still has power acoustically. The pickup responds nicely to the guitar's tone and reflects the player's style. Very nice, complete with deluxe hard case. Normal price : £639


Venus Cutaway High Gloss

This is the Concert bodied Faith complete with cutaway and pickup and the High-Gloss finish. This is a deep lustrous polish which protects the guitar and looks really good too. The effect of the finish is to 'tighten' the tone, focussing the highs and giving a clarity to the mids. This subtle difference is proving popular in this size - and the extra protection is useful in a performance instrument and worth the small price premium. Complete with hard case. RRP £739



Mercury Parlour

This is the smallest Faith and a real sweetheart. Although small it sings beautifully, responding to playing styles, and has a surprising amount of volume. Lovely, and complete with case is great value. RRP £509



Mercury Parlour High Gloss

The new addition to the range, this has the increasingly popular laquer finish, which gives an 'edge' to the tone, making these slightly brighter than their Natural finish counterparts. Still the same great response and playability and complete with case. RRP £589



Saturn Cutaway Electro

This is the cutaway electro Dreadnought sized Faith, with a full, biting tone and extra power. It still responds to playing nuances and has a bright character through the electrics. On stage it will cut through a band and will give good responsiveness for recording. Very good value and complete with a hard case. RRP £639



Jupiter Cutaway High Gloss

The full-bodied Faith, these have a rich bass end to complement the Faith bright tone giving a rich balance to the sound. Punchy and loud, these fill almost any role for acoustic players, yet still give the subtlety that these guitars do so well. This is the High Gloss version - a beautiful finish, which brightens the tone, giving a definition to the sound that complements it superbly. A really good looking and sounding instrument. Complete with deluxe hard case. RRP £779



Welcome to the Faith Guitars Page. These fine instruments are the latest addition to our acoustic range and merit an introduction. Designed by the famous Patrick Eggle company they represent tremendous value through their superb build quality, attention to set up (each one goes through the Eggle custom shop - and they know what they're doing), and the addition of a decent hard case. All solid woods, they respond to playing nuances with subtlety, and power out when they have to. As you can tell, we're impressed.