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Super 60 Original Vintage Burst

This is the standard Super 60 - or as standard as these instruments get. A beautiful take on the classic design, with character and tone aplenty - and a neck to die for, it just sits in the hand and plays. Wonderful. And brilliant value. RRP £769



Super 60 SP Ice White

This is the classic Fret King design - a player's guitar - and the P90 in the bridge works so well, I'm surprised we don't see it more often. Hot, versatile, and an excellent player this is a great option for this style. Great, classic finish too. RRP £729



Esprit 3 Cherry Red

This was a surprise. I don't normally like shaped guitars, but this one is so comfortable, balances so well and sounds fantastic. P90s have never had so much range and variety. Superb balance and a very, very playable neck. Brilliant. fffffff RRP £569



Super S Classic Burst

One of the most popular Fret Kings, these give you a range of classic tones in one instrument, with such depth of character. This one has a lovely neck and sits very comfortably. Nice finish too. RRP £629



Eclat Triple Cherry Burst

Oh this one's nice. Very, very nice. Smooth, comfortable, rich - and that's just the finish. A full range of tones - from thick crunch to dark blues, to out and out rock lead - it does them all. The coil tap roll off works perfectly to make it as versatile as possible. Sitting nicely to the body it's also very comfortable to play and the neck is just right. Very pretty too. RRP £1099

PS Try this through a Blackstar amp - a match made in Guitar Heaven.


Esprit 5 Gloss Black

I had to have one. A balanced, comfortable guitar, with loads and loads of power. This one Rocks from vintage to modern, but can still back down to tell the Blues when you want it to.    RRP £549



Green Label Country Squire Yardbird.

English built - on the "West Coast"(!).
The Country Squire has 22-medium jumbo frets on a one-piece maple, deliciously comfortable 60’s shallow ‘C’ profile neck. The 10” fingerboard radius facilitates easier string bending, with a slinky, fast, playing action.

The Fret-King Yardbird is loaded with a Seymour Duncan® Broadcaster® repro pickup, voiced by the man himself, and the 3-way original switching gives the authentic range of tones:
With the selector in the middle position both tone and volume work as normal; whilst in the last position the tone control is bypassed, allowing the pickup to go direct with all of its power and tone. This coupled with the Swamp Ash body and Wilkinson bridge (with intonated saddles for tuning accuracy) makes this tonally almost perfect - with classic grit when needed and a huge range of clean tones. Even unplugged it rings out. Superb quality and complete with Hiscox LiteFlite case. RRP £1499



Welcome to the FretKing Guitars Page. We've Been Aware Of These Fine Instruments For Some Time, And Have Finally Gotten Round To Stocking Them - And Very Pleased We Are Too. These Are Designed By The Legendary Trev Wilkinson And Built In Korea To His High Standards. Beautiful To Play And To Look At They Must Be Played - Trev Designs Them With The Player In Mind First, So They Are Truly Comfortable. And What A Sound! More Coming Soon, And We Always Have Good Prices.

NB The English Built (Green Label) FretKings Are On Their Way - Slowly But Surely - They Are Custom Built To Order, And They Have A Lot Of Orders!