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Classic Stripe

Something different - classic tone with a racy feel and Indie's character shining through, with a bit more bite than usual from this style. RRP £499


RK Guitar

A characterful instrument with loads of tone and good balance in a hard to find style. RRP £379


Shape Ocean

One of Indie's best, in a beautiful finish - the photo doesn't do it justice. Plays great with a biting, quite unique tone. RRP £599


Designer UJ

Classic shape, classic finish, Indie in name and nature. This one plays brilliantly with a cracking neck and a big full sound. I've set it up with GHS DG 10.5-50 strings and it just works. RRP £479


RK Bass

This is a sleek, playable instrument in a hard to find design. Great tone with serious punch and nice balance. llll nn RRP £599


Designer FDL

The Fleur-De-Lys Indie - looks good, plays great, sounds fantastic. What a guitar (and the neck tone is as buttery and full as you could ever want from this style, believe me.) Superb value RRP £599


IPR Natural

This is a beauty. It has the full tone associated with the style, with great balance and such a playable neck. Very nice indeed - and with a classic wood finish it looks the part too.   RRP £499


Shape Double Cut Thinline

This is classic Indie - bags of character and tone with great balance and a good neck. This has deservedly earned 5-Star reviews in the guitar press. RRP £499


Shape Natural

This is the guitar that hooked me to Indie - so playable, comfortable to hold, but with a powerful tone like the World's fattest hottest Strat. Wonderful stuff. RRP £499


Classic T

Indie's take on a classic design -great playing and some serious power. This guitar punches hard, well above its weight. Fantastic value. RRP £299

Welcome to the Indie Guitars page. We have recently discovered these great electrics and are well impressed. They come from a British company, but are built to a high standard in Korea. This gives the best quality with the lowest prices - and we like that as well. We're doing a bit of an introductory offer on these fine instruments so give them a try - you'll be surprised at the quality and pleased at the price. Honest.