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Vintage V-400 Steel Strung Guitar

This is an upgraded acoustic guitar, ideal for an adult beginner looking for an instrument with a fuller tone that will keep them interested longer. The guitar has a "solid top" which gives a much better tone. Generally solid top guitars cost a lot more than beginners need to spend, but this particular Vintage is excellent value. The difference is that the wood used for the top of the guitar (the front) is not laminated so it resonates better and therefore sounds better. Overall this is superb value - I'm even adding a gig bag to to the package (RRP £179)




Santos Martinez SM44 Classical

This is a fine little nylon strung, with a surprisingly good tone and stable tuning. Very popular as an adult's beginner or a first 4/4 classical - and also as a nice little beach guitar for those lazy, hazy Summer singalongs. Complete with a carrying bag.



Martinez SM50

A good classical , with a sweet tone, surprisingly responsive for the price. Good for beginners - either adults looking for something reasonable or youngsters going to their first full size. Nice, playable, stable - it's difficult to argue with for the money. Normally £119, and I'm even adding a bag. Bargain.



Tanglewood TSF Exotic

This is one of Tanglewood's popular folk sized electro acoustics, with a comfortable compact body and a very playable neck. Plugged in they're full but cutting, unplugged they have a nice sharp tone that cuts with chords and lets the single notes ring. The exotic bubinga gives them a bit of character often missing from smaller bodied acoustics. Looks good too. Normally £339, it's a good price, and complete with gig bag.



Walden 730CE Electro Acoustic

This is one of my standard ranges - a beautiful cedar topped all solid wood electro acoustic. These have won several awards - usually beating far more expensive guitars. They have a surprisingly subtle tone, ideal for fingerpicking, but will also sing when belted hard. THe Fishman preamp puts all that tone through your amp/pa/recorder in an authentic fashion. This has a good neck, and I've put it through the workshop, just to level the action and restring it with 12 gauge bronze strings for extra cut. normally £450 this is a good buy, complete with a decent gig bag.



Walden 730 C/W LR Baggs DuoSys Pickup System

This is a nice little special from Walden - the very popular G730 acoustic with a professionally fitted LR Baggs DuoSys pickup - combining an under saddle transducer with a blend microphone for a truly natural sound. These guitars are famous - often winning awards - the cedar top and rosewood sides giving a serious amount of tone, with great balance and a lot of depth for a relatively small body size. The combination of such a nice guitar with such a serious pro pickup gives a wonderful sound, very natural, but sweet and not harsh the way some can. Through the new Fishman Loudbox Mini this is a gem. The total cost for this set up would be at least £600, but this is a show model from Walden, used to test the pickup system. A serious bargain for someone looking for a decent electro acoustic with character without breaking the bank. Complete with a gig bag.



Tanglewood TW145

This is a very popular instrument with a solid cedar top for a rich tone, a well shaped playable neck and good electrics. This makes for a great general purpose electro acoustic which sounds good acoustically as well as plugged in. The smaller body size is more comfortable and the cutaway makes it easy to reach the upper frets. An all round winner, really. You can tell I like them, can't you? Complete with gig bag.



Tanglewood CSRCE

A decent dreadnought size electro acoustic from the Rosewood Reserve stable with a rich cedar top this has a nicely balanced tone. Big enough to ring acoustically, it's still comfortable to play, especially with Tanglewood's slim neck profile and the cutaway. The Fishman pickup gives a good sound through the amp, making this an all round good instrument. TW28CSRCE is a really catchy name too, don't you think. Great value (the RRP is £349) and complete with a gig bag.



Tanglewood TW60 Slight Second

This is a beauty, one of the Tanglewood Sundance series with solid top and back. A wonderful tone is coupled with a swift, easy to play neck making a superb acoustic instrument - and then you plug it in. The B Band system gives it a full, accurate tone through the amp - a real pleasure. This one has a little ding on the headstock courtesy of the courier, so there's a £100 off the price....! Plus a decent gig bag it is a bargain, ideal for almost any requirement.



Tanglewood Sundance TW45 Electro Acoustic Outfit

These are the guitars that Tanglewood do so well - beautifully balanced, compact bodies, but with a rich, full tone and a bit of bite when needed. The necks on these are small, but sit in the hand well, lending themselves to any style of music - and like any really good guitar they respond to you and your playing style. Very nice indeed. Complete with a quality BBand pickup system, to give a good quality, authentic amplified tone to complement the acoustic sound. I'm packaging this guitar with a decent hard case, as it requires it - if not for work, then to keep it happy at home. Really good value, and such a nice instrument.



Vintage V1300N

This is a very nice parlour guitar, comfortable to hold and balances well. The tone is full and vibrant, due to the all solid wood construction. It also has the Shadow double pickup system - a piezo under the bridge and a tiny magnetic at the end of the fingerboard. This gives a full, powerful, yet subtle tone that can be adjusted to any style. This is £200's worth on its own! Fantastic value and such a nice instrument. Complete with a gig bag.



Vintage V-300 Steel Strung Guitar

This is the folk size body version of the V-400 upgraded acoustic guitar. Ideal for an adult beginner looking for a slightly smaller body for greater comfort - or a player looking for a lighter, more controllable tone. The guitar has a "solid top" which gives a much better tone, and the same superb build quality as the dreadnought size. Overall this is superb value - I'm even adding a gig bag to the package.




Vintage V-400 12 String

This is the 12-String version of the Vintage V-400 Dreadnought. An amazingly playable instrument for the price - it actually works out of the box! The solid top gives a full tone and the whole guitar balances beautifully. Ideal for 'those' moments, when only twelve strings will do. Fantastic value, and complete with a bag.



Vintage V880 Parlour

This is a little gem of a guitar - small bodied but with a lot of depth and character from the solid cedar top. They are very comfortable both for sitting down and for standing on a strap, making playing a pleasure. Superb value and complete with a bag.



Tanglewood TRP73 Parlour

A small bodied acoustic from the Rosewood Reserve range. These have a solid spruce top for tone, and a laminate rosewood back and sides, which lends a brightness to the overall sound. This works well in a small bodied guitar like this, as it gives it a punch that might otherwise be lacking. This one has a very nice neck, very slick and playable, which makes a sweet package for the player. Very nice and great value - usually they're £339, and there's also a gig bag.



Breedlove Passport SMP200

These are some of my favourite guitars - designed by a custom shop in the US, then produced in the Far East to cut costs. Beautifully balanced with a very modern, very clean sound, and fast, flat necks, these are very easy to play - and very comfortable. This means you can play for longer. Tonally this is clean, but has a hint of sweetness - the notes are clear and nice. This makes it especially good for fingerpicking, but chords ring out with definition too. Very nice, and packaged with a decent gig bag, this is great value at this price.



Faith Neptune Natural

The latest in this fantastic range of guitars this is a relatively small acoustic with a lovely sweet sound - but hit it hard and it really punches. Like all Faiths it is very easy to play, with a quick modern profile. This is a beautiful guitar, complete with a decent hard case at a brilliant price.



Recording King RD17 Black

This is the solid top model dreadnought - in black - with a decent neck - in black - complete with a gig bag - in black. This plays well, with a full tone with that little bit of bite to cut through properly. A good all round guitar - in black - at a great price. In black.



Recording King RD16

A new line for us, these are wonderfully rich, powerful acoustics with a well balanced tone and necks you can dig in to play. This model is Dreadnought size, with a comfortable neck, made with a solid spruce top, and laminated mahogany back and sides. It has the fullness from the top, and a nice bright ring from the body. It has plenty of power for such a reasonably priced instrument and would make a good performance guitar.



Walden D550

This is a nice standard Walden acoustic - matt finished with a sweet, open sound, not too loud for home use. Ideal as a first or second acoustic, it is easy to play and the quality of tone it produces is way ahead of its price. The small, comfortable neck makes chords easy and the tone allows picked notes to sing. A very nice guitar at an excellent price. Complete with bag.



Walden CD500EB Electro Acoustic

This is a non-cutaway electro acoustic - maintaining the full acoustic tone of the dreadnought shape, but with a Fishman pickup system. This is an easy to play guitar with a full sound - Waldens normally have a lighter tone, but when they're gloss finished like this one, it adds a bit of punch that comes across nicely. Well balanced with a good sound plugged in this is a corking guitar. Great value, complete with a decent gig bag.



Recording King RO16

One of the new line of guitars, this is a 000 sized guitar with a solid spruce top and laminated mahogany back and sides. It gives a full tone, with surprising power for the smaller body. The body size makes it a very comfortable guitar to play, and the slightly wider fingerboard lends itself to picking and blues styles almost instinctively. This is a very responsive pickers guitar with great clarity for such a low price.



Faith Guitars

This is a new range for us - and so good we've given them their own page. And yes, they're as good as the hyperbole. Honest.



This is a fine handcrafted musician's tool, designed for the discerning beginner or the travelling artist, a pleasure to play with a smooth, singing tone with a hint of the saltiness of the ocean...

Or - it is a fun little instrument designed to create interest in music and to make learning a little less serious. It would also make a silly travel guitar. Importantly it is a standard junior guitar (it's been sized to fit most kids) that plays properly and will tune up, so can be learnt on. Complete with a bag and a strap this is a fun little guitar.


Admira Malaga Outfit Manager's Special

This is a lovely classical guitar from Spain. I recommend these as a first 'Classical' guitar because they have a good rich tone with plenty of response and are nice to play. A good buy, I package these with a decent ABS hard case to make a proper outfit.



Vintage VEC380N Special Price

This is the six string standard VEC380 - and a very good electro it is. Slim, comfortable and playable, but still with a decent amount of tone. The Shadow electrics work well to reflect the character and the neck fits the hand well. A great all rounder and fantastic value - and I've even included a bag.



Hofner Delux G-Banjo Outfit

A decent resonator banjo, this is a great instrument for moving to from a starter option - especially if you've been playing a little while. Very playable with a very punchy yet warm sound, it's much less 'tinny' than its budget brethren. Packaged complete with a delux hard case, this is a good value outfit which will last quite a few years of happy playing.



Tanglewood DLX24 G-Banjo

This is a very good banjo, ideal for a beginner looking for a slightly better tone than usual. A good neck coupled with excellent hardware makes this superb value, and I've even packaged it with a decent gig bag. Highly recommended. Available left-handed at no extra charge (!).



Vintage VUB50 BanjeleleSpecial Price

This is a fun instrument - a soprano banjo uke, technically. Nice to play, with that classic 'Plinkety' (Technical Term) sound, and a surprising amount of volume. Ideal for those Formby days.... Normally £299 they're a good price, and I'll include a gig bag to carry it to all those rock gigs.....


Welcome to the acoustic guitar department. Here we have steel strung acoustics with and without pickups, nylon strung guitars with and without pickups and the folk instruments - not surprisingly with and without pickups. There is quite a variety, but all have been selected (yes, I select and buy my own stock - if I like it I buy it if not, then not) to be good value for money. Selecting an acoustic guitar can be a very personal preference, but I try to pick instruments that have a good basic quality for their cost. If you don't like the action on a guitar, I can adjust it to preference for a very reasonable (don't laugh) price. We also keep a wide variety of acoustic strings as the differences can be important to the sound of a guitar - if you need advice just ask, we can bore for hours on strings and plectrums and capos and....... We also keep pickups in stock, so if you need one later on we can provide that too. Acoustic basses are in the Bass Department and we have beginners guitars in the Beginners Department (no surprises there).
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