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Welcome to the beginner's guitar department. Here we have a range of guitars for absolute beginners, young and old. These are acoustic guitars - their sound is created by themselves - in both steel and nylon strings. Many people ask which they should choose, but there is unfortunately no correct answer. Nylon strung guitars have lower tension, so are considered easier on the fingers, especially for youngsters. These generally are the smaller size instruments made for children ( I know that nylon strung guitars have three strings that have metal windings, but the core is nylon. Pay attention at the back. ), but classical guitars are always nylon strung too, so there are adult beginners guitars with the same strings as well. Adults usually go for a steel strung (or "folk") acoustic because they prefer the brighter sound. In addition the neck on a steel strung is narrower for playing chords - the strumming style - as opposed to the wider - classical - neck of a nylon strung. The folk acoustic is a brighter, more cutting sound with its steel strings, whereas nylon strings are a warmer, more muffled tone. Phew, take notes I'll ask questions later. Generally youngsters have a nylon strung, adults a steel (naturally I have steel strung youngsters guitars - I told you there wasn't a right or wrong answer). From a price viewpoint, nylon strung guitars can be made more cheaply, as they handle less stress on the neck, so are cheaper to buy. You have to know which beginners steel string to buy as some can be awful - I, of course, know which to pick. Trust me...Any of the guitars here are good value, reliable and play well, and the choice of which is ultimately your preference. I am confident that any one of these will serve you quite nicely.

Encore 4/4 Classical Outfit

These are a good place to start for younsters and adults alike - a well made guitar with a reasonable tone and stable tuning. Like all the Encores, they may be affordable, but they aren't toys. Youngsters around 11 years will benefit from a full size - as will younger children who've already had a year or two of lessons. Ideal too as a 'beach guitar' to take around. Complete with a carrying bag and spare strings these are superb value.


Encore 3/4 Classical Outfit

These are very nice nylon strung guitars for beginners - comfortable to play, with a good tone and relatively stable on the tuning. Very good value for money as the outfit contains a good carrying bag. The 3/4 is recommended for 9-11 years old, but as ever these ages are just guidelines. Super Value.

I am often asked about fitting straps as classicals have no place for them. I can fit two strap buttons and supply a webbing strap for £10 extra, but I need a little warning as it takes time to hammer in the big nails. For left-handers, I can restring relatively easily, but again give me some warning. And be prepared for some whinging - I don't like work.


Encore 1/2 Classical Outfit

These are very nice nylon strung guitars for beginners - comfortable to play, with a good tone and relatively stable on the tuning. Very good value for money as the outfit contains a good carrying bag. The1/2 is recommended for 6 -8 years old, but as ever these ages are just guidelines. Super Value.

Encore Standard 3/4 Classic

This is a more basic version of the Encore 3/4 - simpler extras (but still with a bag) and not quite as good a finish. Still perfectly adequate though. I've got a few, so there's stock for now.


Falcon Steel Strung Acoustic Outfit

These are a decent acoustic guitar, ideal for an adult beginner with a decent tone and a playable neck. Reasonably made, they will start you off quite nicely, or be a nice accompaniment to your electric. Great value, complete with a carrying bag.


Vintage V-400 Steel Strung Outfit

This is an upgraded acoustic guitar, ideal for an adult beginner looking for an instrument with a fuller tone that will keep them interested longer. The guitar has a "solid top" which gives a much better tone. Generally solid top guitars cost a lot more than beginners need to spend, but this particular Vintage is excellent value. The difference is that the wood used for the top of the guitar (the front) is not laminated so it resonates better and therefore sounds better. Overall this is superb value - I'm even adding a gig bag to to the package.



Vintage V-300 Acoustic Steel Strung Guitar Outfit

This is the folk sized version of the V-400 - the same high quality and superb tone, but a slightly smaller body. This gives a lighter, less bassy tone, but also makes it more comfortable to hold for a slighter framed person. Great value, complete with bag.


Vintage Ukelele Outfit

A great way to start playing, ukeleles (yes, that IS how you spell it) are very popular at the moment, being small, affordable and fun. The Vintage ukes are well made, sound good, and have decent tuners - which makes them an instrument not a toy. Brilliant value.


Encore Electric Guitar Packages

This is a wonderful way to learn electric guitar. Despite the general view, electrics are easier to play than acoustics, so they are easier to learn - and therefore quicker. They are also more fun. And louder. Encore is a very good choice amongst the myriad ranges out there because of the excellent build quality. We check each guitar over to make sure the action is nice and low for beginners and we change the package lead for a much better one so it works. The range we are doing this year will include the standard guitar, a left-handed option, a 7/8ths size for smaller children (8-10), and a 3/4 for 6-8 year olds. A significant selection.

The package consists of : Guitar, Practise Amp, Carrying Bag, Strap, Lead and Electronic Tuner - And Complete With A Free DVD and Plectrum. In other words, a lot.


We have a wide selection of books for beginners of all ages - moving on to intermediate style books and chord and scale books - don't expect me to list them all, I'm lazy.




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