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Welcome to the Blackstar Amps page. These amps are a relatively new British (hooray) company, building amps in Korea for cost purposes, and making some serious waves in the market. They have superb build quality, coupled with a fantastic sound and usable range of features - this has led to them becoming the 'go to' choice for many guitarists. There are three ranges, from affordable to boutique - and their boutique amps are priced as factory models. And if you're looking for drive pedal, they make valve distortion to make any amp sound like a stack.

Series One 45 2x12" Combo

This is a good working combo, powerful enough for almost anything, but relatively compact (relatively, it has side handles for a reason). 45 watts, two specially designed neodynium speakers give you the power needed, while the DPR control enables the wattage to adjust from 4.5 to 45 - without losing the sound - so it can be used for practise and rehearsals as well as live. Tonally, both channels have good, usable EQ, with a very musical sweep - this combined with the two modes per channel gives a huge range of sounds. The clean channel has Bright and Warm modes - Bright is a classic biting clean, while Warm is full and rich and worth the price of the amp on its own. The dirty department has a classic, Proper Rock (Technical Term) Crunch, which can saturate through rhythm and lead just on the one channel. Switching to the Super Crunch mode gives heavier saturation to the tone, and a volume boost that's just enough for lead - a perfect combination. The supplied four channel footswitch lets you do this with ease - and there's an effects loop for your delay, reverb and chorus - although you may just be happy with the amp sounds as few amps are this musical outside of the boutique ranges. Good, eh?



Series One 100 Watt Head

This is the working head in the range - all the same features are here, but in a double power package. The DPR takes it from a storming 100 watts down to a, frankly storming 10 watts for rehearsal. You'll be surprised, but you could gig this on 10 watt half the time. And the sound doesn't change. Combining this head with the matching 4x12" cab (with Celestion Vintage 30s) gives a big, open sound, where the versatility of the amp really becomes evident. Not to mention the volume - lots of volume. I will warn you though, once you get onto the Warm Clean setting through the 4x12", you may not come back for a while - this is a luxurious sounding amp.



Series One 4x12" Cabinet

This is the matching cab for the 100 watt head (or for the combo if you want some serious fun). Sturdily built, this will take some abuse and the four Celestion Vintage 30s will handle all the power you need. This is a solid piece of kit. Again this is the equivalent of much more expensive boutique gear, at a price that makes it attainable. Looks good too.

Also available in the Artisan livery to match the head.


Series One

These are boutique quality channel switching amps, with clean and drive channels, each with two modes. This makes them extremely versatile - which coupled with the DPR control - variable output wattage from 100% - 10%, with no loss of tone(!) - and the famous ISF - US to UK tone on a dial - and these amps will do almost anything. While sounding fantastic.


Artisan 30 2x12" Combo

This is a 30 watt - switchable down to 10 watts - combo, with a pair of Celestion Vintage 30 speakers. Beautifully built this is a traditional, very natural, very responsive musical instrument. It is not channel switching, but it has two independent input channels - with high and low inputs - each with a different preamp valve for different sounds (an EF86 channel with 5-way Bass Shape switch, and an ECC83 channel with 2-way Voice switch and Master Volume to be pedantic). This gives a huge range of tones and gain levels, so you can find your sound - and then change it. It is no exaggeration to say that every sound on here will make you drool - the list of users says everything (I went through the Glastonbury kit list once, and it seemed every guitarist had this amp!). Jolly good, to say the least.



Artisan 100 Watt Head

This is the 100 watt head of the Artisan range - it still has the two different preamps, but has a special voice control, which switches through four classic valve tones - charting the development of amps - as they say "The Voice control is a timeline which chronicles the evolution of the genre from the earliest American designs through to British designs of the ’60s and ’70s. This is achieved by switching the preamplifier voicing and power amplifier damping simultaneously". So there. In practise this gives a wide selection of tones - but what comes over is just how rich, warm and full this amp is - it stays clean and rattles bones, but then you get it driving and it will scalp you at fifty paces. What a tone through the matching 4x12" cab - at ear bending volumes it still responds to your playing style and guitar tone, and so musically too. And so loud too.


HT Series

This is Blackstar's newest range, expanding their reach into a more affordable area, but without compromising their build quality, or that fantastic tone. These are stretching from practise to gigging size - all valve, all good.


HT1R Practise Amp

The practise amp to end all practise amps - one glorious all valve watt, two channels, reverb, headphone out, MP3 in, ISF control. Sounds brill, nuff said.


HT5 1x10" Combo

The HT that started it all. This is the amp that every guitarist wanted - a two channel five watt, with a great tone on either channel, very usable and loud enough for rehearsals. This is a very general purpose combo - I've even got players who gig them, as they sound magnificent in a blues gig, mic'd through the PA. If you need a decent, all valve amp to give a quality sound for practise and the odd jam session, this is the puppy.

PS I've two of these in the very limited edition, super smart Artisan livery - no different internally, but they look fantastic - at just £329 - and naturally, oxblood coloured Tolex sounds more defined in the upper mid frequency range.....Guv...



HT5 Mini Stack

This is the Ht5 head combined with two 1x10" cabs for a fantastic all valve mini stack. This gives a more open tone than the single speaker, fleshing out the subtleties and giving a bit of a volume push to boot. They are very popular because of this great tone - but they don't half look good too! Fantastic value.


HT Club 40 Combo

This is a twin channel, 40 watt, 1x12" combo - pretty standard so far... However the range of tones that come from the different modes in the channels, and the sheer power of this little workhorse give it a lease of life for so many different situations. The clean channel is almost boutique in its subtlety, and the drive will rip through almost any style of music. This is rapidly becoming an industry standard small working amp, and deservedly so. Complete with reverb, two channel footswitch and a seriously good sound. Bargain. Again.



HT Studio 20 Head

This is an extremely popular option in the Club series - a 20 watt, two channel head for sitting on top of your big speakers for rehearsal/practise, or to sit in the studio. They sound amazing, and the drive will keep going and going for all styles and solos. This will also, accompanied by the 1x12" cab, do a small gig beautifully. A favourite of mine, if anyone cares.



HT Club 1x12" Cabinet

This is a nice matching 1x12" cab for the HT range - either use it as en extension for the Club 40, or the base for the 20 watt head. Nice - and great value.



HT Club 20 Mini Stack

A mini stack for men. So there. Sounds great, looks great - has a depth of tone that belies its components. This is a Nilam Special - just 'cos I could. A very limited offer for the season.


HT5H + 1x12" Cab

This is another Nilam Special - combining the HT5 head with the 1x12" cab for a fantastic rig - this combination sounds fantastic, rich and full and biting. The 12" speaker really brings out the hidden depths of the HT5 - a bit of a buy.


This is Blackstar's point-to-point handwired series, built like the best of the boutique amps - just like they used to be. This gives a very natural tone that responds to your playing and your guitar's controls - in fact you play these like an instrument in themselves. For a player looking to get more from his own tone - and that lovely guitar you're so fond of - this is the range to consider. Built to the highest standards these are a joy to work. Plenty of power too.