We do quite a bit of gear hire for short term use - gigs or sessions. All our hires are Dry Hire, which means the hirers collect and return the equipment themselves. Payment is on collection, and terms and conditions apply - as usual.

The 'Big' PA is an HK Elias Rig - 2x12" Tops & 2x15" Bins - all self powered for a high quality sound from a compact rig. This puts out 1.6K RMS of power, recommended for up to 400 people. This is combined with an Allen & Heath Zed-22FX desk, a set (one powered, one slave) of HK Pro 12" monitors for foldback. Two mics and stands, a stagebox if you need it, and all the necessary leads complete the package. This high quality system is available for just £130 per night on dry hire.

The 'Small' PA is a pair of Carlsbro Gamma self powered 15" speakers putting out a total of 600 watts RMS - suitable for gigs around 100 people or so. This comes with a Mackie 6-channel desk, a Powerworks 12" monitor, 2 mics and all stands and leads. This is just £70 per night dry hire.

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We have a changing selection of backline and studio instruments for hire - email me for current details and prices.