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PP Electronic Drum Kit

These are a fantastic value kit - solid with a great sound. Most budget electronic kits suffer when hit (!) but these are built to last. The sounds are realistic, and the playalong function in the brain enables fun practise. Ideal for beginners - including adults - for where you can't make the noise you need to. RRP £479



DDrum D2 Outfit Brushed Silver

This has always been recognised as one of the better starter kits on the market. The hardware is excellent, double braced and sturdy, and the shells are very well assembled and solid, giving a kit that will stand some abuse. Even the cymbals are decent - surprisingly musical for this price bracket. Usually the D2 sits just outside the starter's price at £399, but I've got a limited quantity in the striking brushed silver finish, at a great deal. 10", 12", 16" toms, 22" kick and a matching wooden snare gives an ideal kit for even adult beginners. Complete with throne this is a bargain. Looks really posh too.



Stagg Tim122 Outfit

This is a good, affordable starter outfit with five drums, hihat and crash cymbals and a stool. Well put together, with double braced hardware and strong throne, this is ideal for beginners up to teen age. The snare drum in particular has a great tone - amazing at the price. These are normally £329, but I have a limited quantity at a great price.

Available in Wine Red, Black and Blue


Pearl Forum FZ Outfit

This is the latest version of Pearl's advanced learner's outfit - ideal for adult beginners looking for a superior sound at an affordable price, or for someone wishing to upgrade from a budget kit, without breaking the bank. The hardware has Pearl's legendary quality, the drums themselves have a full, deep tone and are fitted with Remo heads. The new version has a full set of three cymbals : 20" ride, 16" crash and 14" hihats- which is a full complement. The kick pedal is the same as was fitted to the Export kit - again a big upgrade - and the toms have the famous ISS mounts to improve resonance. It even has a decent throne. All round this is a quality package, difficult to fault at the usual price of £599, let alone our special offer price.

Currently Available In Black, Smoky Chrome Or Red




Pearl Vision vx

This is the replacement for the famous Export kit, and they've improved on what many thought was perfect. Very good shells are backed by seriously impressive hardware - with many features taken from the top-of-the-line Masters series. These come complete with the new 900 series hardware : Bass pedal, Straight stand, Boom stand, Snare stand and Hihat stand. Fantastic value, this is an ideal working drum kit - it will take the rigours of gigging nicely - and the price is currently quite special. The VX is no longer officially available with the 900 series hardware, but I have a Rock Fusion (10",12",14" toms, 22" kick) in Metallic Orange (really smart, a cross between red, terracotta and orange) and a wine red in American Rock Fusion (10",12",16" toms, 22"kick). These are great value, so get in soon, if you fancy one.



Pearl Vision VBX

This is the all-birch Vision, with the 900 series hardware. A great sounding pro kit, that won't let you down whatever your standard. Strongly built with a rich tone and great hardware, little more need be said. I have a gorgeous Concorde Fade Blue kit in stock, in Rock format - 12",13",16" toms, 22" kick. Very nice.



Sabian B8 Cymbal Set

20" Ride, 16" Crash 14" HiHats

A nicely priced set with plenty of tone, dark enough for practise, but with the power for live. Not too expensive, and ideal as an upgrade for kits such as the Forum. Great value.


Sabian XS20 Cymbal Set

20", 16" Crash 14" HiHats

This is a great price (normally £475) for this set - I only have one. I use these cymbals on my working kit, as they are affordable but very punchy for live - they like being hit hard. Bright and cutting, they can still be controlled in rehearsals. I use these with my hire kit, as they are a great value working cymbal for your first gigging set up.



Basix 600 Series Boom Stand

A well made, solid stand fully adjustable and convertable to straight. These have a nice wide base for stability and a good boom. Strong enough for any cymbal - including the biggest rides - and you could hang an extension boom off as well. Superb value.


Dixon Double Kick Pedal

I have a selection of Dixon 9290 double pedals - I found a number from a big order in my store. Overstock or what. So I've reduced them from £150 to £99 to sell. This makes them something of a bargain - they are very strong, accurate pedals, which is why I always stocked them. As I have become more of a Pearl dealer, my stock has changed. Ho hum. Bargain, and I can send them countrywide for just £10.




Pearl Powershifter Double Pedal

The PowerShifter P-122TW double pedal features heavier Duo Beaters, Eliminator inspired looks with a single chain and new super responsive round cams. Both pedals have power Plates for increased stability. The double has beater angle and spring tension adjustment. The drive shaft is the top of the range DS200A which has super sensitive feel and fast universal joints to allow incredible speed. This is on a brilliant offer, and complete with carrying case.







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