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We do guitars of all types - and there are many - for all levels of player. Contrary to popular opinion there is not a right or wrong choice, but we can give a few good pointers to help, especially for beginners. Our beginner guitar sections include packages for electric - a guitar plus an amplifier - and acoustic guitars with either steel or nylon strings.

Outside of the beginners section we have a good selection of different guitars for different jobs and levels of player. We've split the categories to make it easier to browse - but don't forget to have a look through the different ones for that bit of inspiration. The mix can be eclectic, but I get bored easily with the same old standards, and there are a lot of varieties of guitar to choose from nowadays. I've been dealing with guitars for nearly 20 years and there's never been a better choice of quality instruments at such low prices.

In the bass section we have a good range from starter onwards - don't forget, if you're a guitarist who's recording at home, a bass can be a good addition to your collection. We've also put the acoustic basses here.

The acoustic section has a wide range from straightforward acoustics, to electro-acoustics to classical and electro-classical. We have also grouped the folk instruments here, in case you're wondering where all the strange stuff went.

For convenience we have grouped all the left-handed stuff in its own department - we do have a quite decent selection in electric, acoustic and bass options.