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Casio WK-7500

This is the latest 76-key option from Casio, with a nicely positive touch for playing. This action, with its touch response and the extended six octaves means this can be played for almost any music. The new tones are brilliant, with an amazing piano, which wouldn't be out of place on some dedicated digital pianos. The new digital drawbars are great, giving all the Hammond style sounds there are - this is worth the keyboard on its own. There are also 800 (!) tones, with a tone editor with a further 100 user tones (as if you need any more). The new rhythm section is a vast improvement with 250 rhythms and backings, which are very musical and useful. There's also a pattern sequencer for your recording. And an auto harmoniser (12 types). And an arpeggiator (150 types). And digital effects, a metronome, pitch bend wheel, modulation button, registration memories (99) 2x7 watt speakers and - wait for it - a power supply. This is a very impressive home keyboard from the old school - loads of features and gadgets, but a musical tone for simple playing. It may be fun, but it's an instrument as well. A superb home entertainment machine.


Casio CTK-7000

This is the five octave - 61 key - version of the WK-7500, a more traditional length for keyboard and organ players who don't need the extra piano octave. All the same great features and quality sound - and at a great price.



Casio CTK-6000

This is a fantastic value home keyboard, with a responsive, positive touch and a great overall sound. The 670 tones are good and usable - the piano in particular is very realistic - and there's a huge variety. There are 200 rhythms and accompaniments, with new and improved musicality, making them very playable. The list of features is huge : song sequencer, rhythm editor, metronome, auto harmoniser, arpeggiator, pitch bend wheel, digital effects - the list goes on. At its heart, it is a great sounding instrument though, which is most important. As well as being fun, of course.



Casio CTK-2100 Manager's Special

This is a fantastic little buy, a good sounding five octave keyboard with a huge range of sounds and rhythms -and some great fun features. It even has an audio sampler so you can play back sound effects and snippets of voice from the pads - no rude noises, of course! Ideal as a first learning tool, the built in features aid beginners, and there's even an input so an ipod can be put through it, and played along with. Great for younsters starting off as it is still a decent playing instrument to learn on - fun too.

These are on a limited deal (they should be £129) and I'm including a power supply - no need for batteries.




Welcome to the keyboard department. I've a new range of superb Casio keyboards in at the moment, probably the best range I've seen for a while. These are currently all in stock. Please ring or email for other details.