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Welcome to the Left-Handed Guitar Department. We've grouped all the lefties here for convenience - electric, acoustic and bass. We try to keep a decent range of instruments for different levels, and as much variety as we can bear. All the instruments here have been selected not just because of their handedness but also due to their quality and value. I can set up left handed guitars but I find it quite weird as I can't check them over afterwards - but everyone seems happy enough with the job I do (at, of course, a very reasonable price). All the accessories and boring descriptions of string and plectrum differences hold true for lefties - but check out our special string section. Trust me, I'm a salesman.

Lag Arkane

These are one of our favourite rock guitars - very comfortable to play, with good balance and a nice neck. The tone is sharp and powerful, and the hardware solid. Very effective guitars in their role. I have two of these lefties at a special price.



Vintage V-100

These are cracking instruments, made to a very high standard with great necks and a very good tone. Set neck construction means it has the requuired sustain and the Wilkinson hardware keeps it in tune. This one is particularly nice and just sits in the hand - looks good too! Normally £309 this is a great deal, complete with a gig bag.



Hamer Sunburst Quilt SD

These guitars are considered by many people - me actually - to be one of the best value guitars on the market. The excellent build quality, coupled with the comfortable neck make for a real player's instrument. And at such good value. This is the version with the better maple cap - quilted for looks - giving a slightly richer tone than normal. This particular one was from a batch of export specials for the previous distributor and is actually wearing US Seymour Duncans - and it shows, what a sound. Tremendous value ( and very pretty too.)



Indie Super T

These are rapidly becoming a shop favourite - mainly because they're loud. The bridge humbucker is very powerful and this balances with the colourful neck single coil. Indie's typical strong build quality means this guitar will fit most roles and its tonal variety complements this. Usually £349 this is on a great deal, complete with gig bag.



Vintage LEST96 Bass

An old favourite, these are surprisingly versatile instruments, comfortable to play with easy necks and good balance. The hardware is good, giving plenty of punch from the pickup and staying in tune. These RRP at a reasonable £289, but I have one on special - complete with a gig bag. Bargain.



Ashton D25 Acoustic

A good value first acoustic, well put together and set up on my workbench for playability. Ashton      supply these with a built-in tuner (!) to make starting out easier. Complete with a strap and a gig bag, there's no ecxuse.



Walden D610 Acoustic

These are a favourite of mine, the rich full tone from the solid top coupled with a slim neck makes these just so nice for strumming - and the natural resonance allows for fine definition of picked notes. The dreadnought sized body gives quite a bit of volume for such a subtle guitar, so you can wake everyone up if you want/need/have to. Packaged complete with a decent gig bag.