Jackson JS30 Dinky

Another from Jackson's stripped down range, this is the classic Dinky (basically a modernised, more comfortable Strat style) shape, in a basic fixed bridge format. This one has a cracking neck, slick and fast, with a pair of Jackson humbuckers. The tone is full and biting, with enough power to get the amp working. With heavier strings it would be a great down-tuned beast. Fantastic value at only :


Packaged with a decent gig bag

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Here I've tried to display a few of the selected offers from around the site - the best of the best, as it were. These are the ones that I believe shouldn't be missed - I have stock, but once they're gone, they're gone. Typical salesman talk, but it's true. Honest Guv...

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Squier Starter Pack

An ideal way to begin electric guitar this is from Fender's famous Squier stable. It is playable, decent sounding instrument - good enough for adults, not too heavy for youngsters. Complete with the popular SP-10 practise amp - loud enough, not too loud - which together have a good sound, and a classic look. Great value, complete with bag, strap and lead. Any colour as long as it's black.

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Challenge Electro-Acoustic Guitar

A nice cutaway electro-acoustic with a decent active pre-amp to give a better plugged sound. A good acoustic tone and a playable neck make these a bit of a bargain - I'm even adding a bag. Available in natural or black.


Falcon Acoustic Guitar

These are a nice, playable acoustic with a decent sound, ideal for anyone starting out with the guitar, or looking for a companion to their electric. Complete with a carrying bag, and available in a few colours, depending on availability.


Starcaster 5-Piece Drum Outfit

A very well made 5-piece kit with sturdy, decent hardware, these will do for both adults and youngsters. Complete with hihat and crash cymbals and a stool, these are fantastic value. Available in black. Or black.

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Squier Acoustic

These are a nice, straightforward acoustic, ideal for beginners or for an option instead of the electric. A cut above the normal starter, these normally sell for £129, so they're great value. Complete with bag.

Nilam Music

Hamer Echotone

This is a semi-solid set neck guitar from Hamer, a famous US brand producing a budget range in China (where else?). These guitars are well made, far beyond their price, and feel and sound the way they should. I rate the range highly. This one has a full, classic tone and plays really nicely. The quality of the guitar lends itself to any level and it is packaged with a gig bag at only:




Gretsch Electromatic Pro Jet

One of Gretsch's affordable range, this is a powerful guitar, loaded with the US DeArmond pickups for 'Grunt' ( Technical Term). The body has tone chambers, giving a more colourful tone, with the famous Bigsby Horseshoe trem system for a more characterful wobble (another Technical Term). The neck sits nicely in the hand, being a more vintage shape, but still enables accurate bending. Very nice. Overall this is a good instrument with a lot of character for many different styles of music. Normally a very reasonable £399, the introductory offer on this guitar is only: