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Welcome to the new products page. It's easier to show off the new stuff here - so keep an eye out for all the exciting things I can't help buying.....

This is the stunning new all-valve practise amp from Blackstar. Replete with Blackstar's big tones - warm clean and powerful drive - with a decent, lush reverb. The ISF control gives a wide range of tones - bright, dark or anything in between - and the natural tone of the amp responds musically to your guitar. All in a tiny, one watt, 1x8" combo! Amazing. This is the practise amp we've all been waiting for. Definitely worth the wait.

And the best bit is that it's affordable - only:


Big sound, little box. Bargain.

This is the amazing new acoustic amp from Fishman. Compact but with a full 60 watts of power, this will handle small gigs comfortably, and be a good monitor before going through the PA (from its balanced out) on the bigger gigs. It has a fantastic tone, easily the equal of much more expensive amps, and a fine complement to a good electro acoustic guitar, mandolin, violin etc. It even copes with keyboard! I have these on a fantastic introductory offer - they should be £449 (and are worth it) but currently they're only:


Too good, really.