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Alto PA Package

This is a limited special offer for a good quality working band PA system - a 250 watt per side 8 channel mixer amp plus two 12" speaker cabs - the Proel SMTV12P, a lovely speaker. This is ideal for most small to medium gigs for when you get going on the live circuit. The whole rig is compact and lightweight, but still gives a good sound with enough power to cut through noisy drinkers etc. It would also be about right for the majority of small halls and churches which need controlled power with a versatile mixer. Very good value and complete with speaker stands and leads in with the price.



PA is very important but it is always difficult to get the system right for your needs - neither too large nor too small. You need some combination of amplifier+mixer+speakers that works. Below are some systems that we find work well, and have proved popular.

This is by no means a comprehensive selection, but should prove adequate for most usual needs. The audience sizes are an approximation - actually a guess - for guidelines only.

We've Sold Loads Recently - More Coming Soon