This is our recommended starter pack for electric guitar. Of all the budget packages out there, I find these the best for overall value. They are built to a good standard, with a nice lightweight body for comfort, and a surprisingly playable neck. This is important, as the easier they are to play, the better and quicker the learner will come on. With this in mind, we spend a little time with each one, just to make sure they're playing OK. This is time well spent. Complete with the package is a compact 10 Watt practise amp - small enough for comfort, big enough to hear. This is a reasonable amp with a decent tone. We replace the lead that comes with the package for a decent one - that actually works - and there is a strap and a plectrum too. We also include a free electronic tuner (if you're not in tune, you'll never learn) and a DVD to get you started. Because I buy silly quantities I have got the price from £149 to just:



Encore Guitar Package

Complete Rock&Pop Guitar Player

This is the ideal starter book for electric guitar it's simple, laid out well and teaches songs as well as technique. Complete with a play-along CD


Encore Electric Bass Package

This is a great way to start playing bass. The Encore basses are well made, not too bulky and reasonably lightweight. This makes them manageable for youngsters, with a decent enough sound for older beginners. The package includes a 10 watt practise amp, a bag and strap, a decent lead (we throw away the one it comes with - they're THAT good) and a free tuner and DVD. Everything to start at a price of just:


This is a good way to learn bass - the book is clear and comprehensive, good for all ages. It comes complete with a CD - very useful for timing and currently a free DVD. All for just:


Encore 7/8ths Electric

This is a version of the electric starter pack for slightly younger children. Most electric starters are small and light enough for even 10 year olds, but some with a smaller build - and 8-10 year olds - find a smaller body more comfortable.


Encore 3/4 Electric

This is a version of the starter pack for younger children - probably from as young as six - or those with a smaller build. All Encore's electrics have similar build quality and come with the same accessories.


This is an ideal book for the younger beginner, well laid out and colourful, with a good range of music to learn from. Complete with a CD and currently a free DVD at only:£8.95

This is a book for those with absolutely no idea of what end of the guitar to start from. It has proven itself for many adults without any music experience.

We have a range of Nilam Accessory Packs for guitars - excellent value and packaged for use - no waste here. This Capo&Picks pack is just :


Spongebob 7/8 Electric Guitar Outfit

Okay, I know, but this is a decent Encore 7/8ths guitar that has been Spongebobbed - and why not?. It even comes with its own little yellow amp. Can be taken seriously for learning as it is a decent guitar, but will still raise a laugh. Irresistible at only :


Quick Time pQT-7 Metronome

I know metronomes seem boring, but they are the ideal accessory for the learning drummer or bass player - how else can you judge your timing. These are on special, normally £19.99 - now just:



Advanced Beginner's Package

This package contains a Squier Affinity Strat complete with a Frontman 15R 15 watt practise amp with reverb. This gives a guitar with a nice neck, better balance and a better tone than the standard starter ones. The amp is a big improvement with a great tone and significant power for such a small box - and the reverb fills out the tone nicely for a much more mature, fuller sound. The overdrive button gives some punch - a bit less mature, but fun anyway. This package is ideal for adults and older youngsters - mainly because they'll enjoy the sound for much longer. If someone has been playing on an acoustic for a while, I'd recommend this as a first electric set up. Great value - complete with a bag, strap, lead and plectrums - as they now RRP at over £249



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Welcome to the guitar packages department. We have packages here for guitar and bass, for absolute beginners - young and older - and for more advanced learners. It is very important when you start to have a decent instrument that you are not fighting against - playing is hard enough as it is. The packages here are selected to give good value with playability, and we even do some work on the guitar actions (string height etc.) to make them play better than out of the box. I try to give an idea of what person they are aimed at age-wise, but this is just a guideline - music generally has few hard and fast rules. Always check out the Manager's Special section and the Stock Dungeon, there are often extra offers there too.