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Edirol UA-25

This is a more serious USB interface, recommended if you are using a desktop computer. Again, it is simple to link up, and comes with software. It gives a better sound than the UA-4, and has two dedicated mic inputs for better recording, giving a dedicated two track input. Again, a very neat set up that will give excellent results. These are available for only £199

Dynasonic PDR-1

These are a new line on the market - a hand held digital recorder, powered by batteries or USB port. It records to a data card, using WAV files via inputs or its own condenser mics. Very compact and simple it has an amazingly high sound quality for such a little unit. Ideal as a take anywhere 'Ideas' notepad, or for collecting vox pops or sounds for sampling. All sorts of uses, and the price is stunning. We are currently offering these at just :


A Bargain - Don't Miss Them

Home recording is a more popular pastime than ever before and there are two basic ways of doing it -
Computer based or a Stand-alone system. Computer based systems are great for the amount of control you have.
Standalone systems are quicker and easier to use.

There are too many options to list, but below are some of the ones we like, and have found popular. We keep many accessories and add-ons for recording and keep in stock - or can make - leads for virtually any occasion.



BACK IN STOCK Fostex MR8 Digital Multitrack

This is an eight track digital recorder with built in effects. It can record two independent tracks at the same time (e.g. guitar and voice) and you can bounce (combine tracks) to your heart's content to build up a complex recording. It records to a Compact Flash card - a generous 1GB is supplied - so you can build up a library of work. The sound is excellent and it is as easy as using a tape recorder to operate. It even has an independent distortion knob for recording guitar. A brilliant product, and great value at only :




BACK IN STOCK Fostex MR8 HD/CD Digital Multitrack

This is the big brother of the MR8 series it can record up to four tracks at once - which is surprising at this price - and records to a 40Gig hard drive, then masters to its own CD burner. This makes it a totally self-contained recording studio with great results for almost any location. A superb product these will produce demos and live recordings very easily. The price is a very resonable:





This is a serious home recording tool with a digital mixing desk, with a breakout box to give a total of 16 tracks recording via USB2 to the computer. This is a powerful tool indeed. The unit gives 4 phantom powered mic preamps, two hi-z guitar direct inputs and a full COSM effects unit for recording and finalising. It even has a "Room Acoustic Control"(!) to enable it to self balance before mixing. I've never seen THAT before. Combined with a decent PC this is a recording studio of high standard, equipment for upgrading your existing setup, or if you need multiple inputs for band or drum kit recording. Bundled with Sonar LE, it is suitable for any professional software you may have. Turns a simple home demo environment into something special. These were £499, but are currently only :


Edirol MA7A

These are a pair of powered desktop monitors, giving a decent 7x7watts of clean transparent sound from a very compact, neat pair of speakers. Plug in and mix. Very nice indeed, and a bargain at only:


Highly recommended

Edirol PCR-300

This is one of our most popular master keyboards. It is nice and compact, with loads of different controllers (50!) for manipulating soft synths etc., and velocity and aftertouch on the keyboard. The action itself is lovely to play, responsive and quick. Being an Edirol it works easily and swiftly, with a simple learning curve. All round a very professional instrument. Excellent value at just:


Special Offer

Fostex T5&T7 Headphones

These are decent mixing headphones, with nice clean sound and low spill levels for recording. Very good quality for their price. The T7 has a slightly higher definition, and both are comfortable to wear for those long sessions.

T5-£39 T7-£49

Edirol PC-50

This is a good 4-octave master keyboard, simple but effective. Long enough to play, small enough to fit your workspace. A very good action, coupled with a nice feature list makes a usable instrument. Excellent value at only :


Superlux R102

This is a classic style ribbon microphone to reproduce a more vintage tone from vocals and guitars in the studio or at home. A lovely tone, it's very different to standard condenser or dynamic mics - and just try one on a piano for THAT sound. These are a fantastic addition to a studio set-up, and the price is unbelievable at just:


Superlux CM-H8A

This is a good traditional large diaphragm condenser recording mic, ideally suited for vocals, but also usable on instruments - experimentation is fun. Ths sound gives that full professional tone to even home recordings. These are nice and simple to use, no frills, but a good, solid sound. Excellent value at only:


Shock mounts from £19.99, pop shields from £14.99

Superlux CM-8HUO

This is a pencil condenser mic, ideal for guitar, percussion or other instruments. These are great value with a good, strong tone. These are packaged with three different capsules for different recording jobs - and are fantastic value at just:






Edirol UA4-FX

This is a neat, compact little stereo USB interface that is ideal for use with a laptop. USB is a very simple way to make music with a computer as the connection is simple and quick. It is limited to recording only two tracks at once, but this is adequate for working at home. It comes with software - a basic version of Sonar, one of the three main software packages, that is very neat and relatively straightforward to use. This gives a lot of "post-production" options for recording - ie you can fiddle with it to your heart's content after you've recorded it. These sell, with software and USB cable for only £159