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It had to happen - welcome to the SpongeBob page. We've had so much interest in these great little instruments we've given them their own spot. And why not. All these instruments are decent for learning on - and great value because of it. And very silly. Enjoy.

Junior Guitar

This is where it all starts - a nicely sized guitar for most youngsters and with a strap for the littlest. A nice sound and it will hold a tuning well. Complete with its carrying bag.


Electric Guitar Outfit

This is a 7/8ths sized electric guitar for comfort, but it has a full size neck so it can be used for learning as well as fun. This is a nice instrument, and has its own little yellow amp for plenty of noise. Great for all ages.


Electric Guitar 3/4

This is a more compact electric for younger starters, and it has a built in amplifier (!) so the whole thing can be lugged around for noise everywhere. (Will NOT work underwater!). Again it is a decent instrument so can be used for learning as well.



This is the standard uke, easy to play and will hold a tuning. Small enough that the very youngest can hold it and it can be played as a normal instrument too.


Pineapple Uke

Guess what this looks like? A quite decent uke, with a bigger tone than the normal size - for all those uke/guitar duels. Holds a tuning nicely and is a pretty colour.


Flying V Uke

I am still waiting for an explanation for this. Try taking it seriously and writing a description - one thing's for sure it IS a uke in the shape of a flying V. I'm going to fit straps to these for all those Rock'n'Roll Underwater Uke Solos we've all been waiting for. Complete with shaped carrying bag. And why not. And why?


Drum Kit

Oh no it isn't. Oh yes it is. A three-piece junior drum kit - SpongeBobbed to within an inch of its life. A great way to start noise making - and again these are properly made junior kits not toys. Fun though.




'Nuff Said