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Instrument Strings

We do strings for - amongst others - electric and acoustic guitar, bass guitar, violin, mandolin, tenor banjo, classical guitar, ukelele (yes that IS how you spell it), bouzouki, viola, cello, mandola, 5-string banjo, octave mandolin, tenor guitar, baritone guitar. We stock ranges from Ernie Ball, D'Addario, Rotosound, Dean Markely and others, starting at £4.99. We also offer a variety of gauges for the most common instruments, and we carry single strings as well, for replacement or custom gauges. Please ring or email for details if you need something specific. Dug uses Ernie Ball 10-46 on his electric (two sets for £10), and D'Addario Extended Play 12-53 Bronze on his acoustic - on special at £10 per set. I use Rotosound 9-46 electric strings, and Rotosound 11-52 Bronze acoustic - My special is one electric+one acoustic set for £10


Welcome to the accessories page - here we have accessories, believe it or not. We do accessories for all different instrument families - guitars, violin family, brasswind, percussion, piano and keyboard etc. - and general accessories too including music stands, cases and metronomes. We also do leads for all different purposes - guitar, microphone, speaker, audio (including RCA, jack, and mini jack) - in all configurations. We can also make bespoke leads for different jobs, and/or in different lengths - one metre leads for microphone are very popular for example, and difficult to buy normally. We have tried to give some idea of our preferences to help your choice, but there are so many things out there nowadays that it is virtually impossible to select one of anything. Oh well....



We sell a variety of guitar capos - from the standard ones at £4.99 (the most basic ones just don't work) to the serious, and generally have quite a variety in stock. My favourite is the Shubb at £15.99, but Dug prefers the Kyser at £17.99, due to its rapid clamp. I like the smaller layout of the Shubb. Both are high quality, accurate capos, ideal for extended use, at home or on stage. But naturally, I'm right. You, of course, can make your own decision from our range. But I'm still right.

Reeds And Other Wind


We offer a selection of reeds for sax - alto, tenor, soprano and baritone - clarinet, oboe and even some bassoon. We also have a range of cleaning accessories such as pull-throughs and pad savers, and staples such as cork grease and valve oil. We also have stands and cases, slings and a small range of mouthpieces.