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Welcome to the ukel-ukul-ukelele-ukulele....Uke page. We consider ourselves Hereford's leading ukel-uku...uke centre - at least we are on Aubrey Street - and have a decent selection of these popular, fun instruments. We have a range from beginners to more serious (serious, ukes...behave) and keep books, strings and all the other important accessories (tuners) in stock.

These are great little books for uke, containing loads of well-known tunes in a relatively easy play format. Nice arrangements make them fun to play. More traditional tunes are found in the Favourites, while the Chart Hits has McFly to the Beatles. Only:


We carry a range of uke tutors - children to adult - and chord books for a range of levels and prices from :


We carry a selection of uke strings for different standards and tones from :


FZone Headstock Tuner

An easy to use tuner, accurate and clear, with a strong clip.


Uke Banjo

Vintage Ukulele Banjo

A nice uke banjo - loads of tone, and a very playable neck. I've been trying to get these back into stock for a while, mainly due to the build quality, and they've finally turned up. Good value - the RRP is normally £299




Stargazer Ukes

These are our new starter ukes - nicely made with proper tuners and a reasonable tone. Ideal for those first uke steps - or for corrupting the guitarists around you. More importantly, they're available in a range of colours.



Spongebob Uke

Now we're talking, a proper instrument. Finely crafted from the best silliness, these are good little ukes with proper machine heads to stay in tune. Decently made, they will produce a good tone for all those Hawaiian sea shanties (!) you're going to be playing...For youngsters a great way to get into string instruments, to possibly move to the guitar in a few years. And it's got Spongebob on it, so it must sound better.


Tenson Uke

This is a step up for a starter uke, having a better tone, and would be suitable for a guitarist looking to enter the world of ukelelists (?) economically, but wanting something slightly better than the normal beginner's instrument. These have decent machine heads and a quite full, clean tone. Very nice. A good choice for adults accompanying their budding young players. Complete with bag.



Tanglewood TU1

This is a nice, well made mahogany uke with a very crisp, clean tone and decent tuners. This clarity makes it stand out at the price. Nice and simple it's a good upgrade from a beginner's model. Complete with bag.



Kala Camo Uke

This is a surprisingly good uke from the Kala range, easy to play with a powerful, clean tone. It's in a camo finish, so it's difficult to see in the carefully Photoshopped enhanced picture. Seemed like a good idea at the time...



Lani LC-50 Concert

This is a slightly larger uke, giving a bit more power for volume, or when playing with a guitarist. Some ukists (?) find a concert more comfortable to hold due to the bigger body. This is a bright uke with quite a big, cutting tone from the spruce top. A nice neck makes it easy to play. Complete with a quality gig bag.



Lani LS55 Maple Oufit

We like these! Bright, punchy and sharp, maple seems to suit ukes. This gives a more modern tone to the instrument, great for a bit of rock'n'roll...hmm. Anyway a very nice uke, ideal for more modern sounds, it plays nicely, stays in tune and is fitted with decent strings. I've packaged this with a smart little hard case to make a good package if you're looking for your next instrument. Bargain.



Moana UK70 Solid Top

This is a very rich sounding soprano, with a surprisingly full tone for a little instrument. The solid spruce top really shows its worth, giving volume and a lot of character to ths instrument, making it a pleasure to play. This is an ideal instrument for a guitar player looking to get into the uke world (Ukeland?) with a decent instrument that won't break the bank. Complete with a decent gig bag for a bargain price.



Vintage Deluxe Uke

This is an upgraded version from Vintage, a nice clean sounding uke, with a suprising amount of volume. Well put together with a more 'Pro' feel to it, and very nice to play. Would be a good addition to a guitar set up.



Vintage Concert Uke

This is a slightly larger bodied uke, good for accompanying guitars and other instruments. Like all Vintages it's well made, with a decent neck shape and tuners. A good little instrument with a bit more power than usual - although Power Uke is a contradiction in terms. The normal tuning on this would be A/D/F#/B rather than G/C/E/A - it will cut through better at the higher pitch too.



Tenson Tenor

This is a neat tenor uke with a crisp tone and decent tuners for stability. a great way to add a tenor to your uke arsenal - and many guitarists find tenors easy to cope with due to the size. Great value.



Tenson Baritone

More great value from Tenson, these are a clean sounding baritone with decent tuners. Ideal as a first bari, for experimenting...just because.



Brunswick Baritone

This is great bari - good tone and very playable. These are nicely made and very stable. Fabulous value - and as they're tuned DGBE they're good for guitarists.



Brunswick Tenor

This is a good standard tenor uke with a nice tone and a very playable neck. The tuning is reliable and the solid tone works very well when played with guitarists. Very nice and great value.



Stagg Electric Uke

Some things just have to be done. This is what it says on the tin. Decently made with a proper preamp it gives an effective uke tone through your amp - and you can rock it up as much as you like. Available in a classic single or double cutaway design (we know what they are....). Complete with bag.



Stagg Electric Uke

Some things just have to be done. This is what it says on the tin. Decently made with a proper preamp it gives an effective uke tone through your amp - and you can rock it up as much as you like. Available in a classic single or double cutaway design (we know what they are....). Complete with bag.



Kala Curly Mango Uke Outfit

This is special - made from solid mango wood (which is a popular tonewood for ukes). This has a great tone - full, rich and warm, but with clarity too. This is a cut above a usual uke and a pleasure to play. It's always surprising just how good these little instruments can be. This would be ideal for a ukist (uker looking to move on from a standard instrument to something more expressive - or a guitarist looking to be a ukist and wanting an instrument commensurate with their decent guitars. Complete with a lightweight case.



Moana Uke

This is a lovely instrument, beautifully made with a pleasant feel to the hand. The wood is solid mahogany throughout leading to a full tone with a depth surprising from such a small thing, and it is a pleasure to play. I've packaged this with a good quality tweed hard case to make a very impressive outfit at the price point. Luxury.