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Welcome to the violin department. We carry a small range of violins, ideal for the beginner or someone looking for that next one up. Sizing is important, but be warned each individual is different. We also do a few violas, occsionally cellos and double basses. We carry a wide range of strings and accessories, including some bows and all the staples such as rosin, chinrests, shoulder rests etc. I can and do fit violin strings but it is my least favourite job, so be prepared for some whinging.

Hofner Violins

These are a new range of violins we've just started stocking. They are a slightly higher quality outfit, giving a superior tone and more accurate tuning from the ebony hardware. The included bow is Brazilwood with ebony fittings and quite impressive for the money. A decent fitted case rounds off the outfit. Available in 4/4 and 3/4 sizes for an introductory offer of Only :

Out Of Stock Until February

Standard Violin Outfits

We stock a selection of student violins in a range of sizes from 4/4 to 1/4 normally, with some of the smaller sizes if required. I tend to buy from several different suppliers to keep a steady supply, they are generally interchangable and the same price. The outfits include the case and a bow, and we always tune and check the instrument before they leave the shop.



We carry these famous, high quality strings in stock, in sets or singles - yes, they will make a difference. We also carry a range of other types - again in singles and sets

Special Offer

I have a limited quantity of Antoni 3/4 outfits brand new at a special price of just £50 - email me if you're interested, they're going fast.