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A responsive, comfortable guitar with loads of character and tone. Looks great too! Complete with gig bag.

Only One Left


A decent acoustic guitar with a very playable neck and a good tone. Ideal for adult beginners, and fantastic value.


Brilliant value starter kit - five drums, hihat and crash cymbals and a stool - all you need! These are the new model from Stagg and are made very sturdily with double braced hardware throughout. And the black rims give them a touch of class.

Black Or Blue Left




An ideal starter keyboard with 61 full size keys and touch response, so it can be learnt on properly. The key lighting feature aids absolute beginners - and is fun for the more advanced. Decent sounds and rhythms make this a good listen - and complete with PSU and stand is a bargain!


This is a well made electronic kit with very good sounds and a nice range of features - but not too many! These have been a very popular line here, and are about to be replaced with a new model, so I have the last few on a smashing deal - they are limited in stock, however...


This is an ideal compact starter keyboard for youngsters, with 49 full size keys and a great range of sounds. Great value, and complete with the PSU.



A Fantastic value electro-acoustic with a very playable neck and a good sound - acoustic and plugged in. Lightweight and comfortable these make a great crossover between electric and acoustic. In red or sunburst, complete with bag.


This is a super value package in a classic design not often seen for beginners. Great for starters, easy to play and not too heavy. Complete with amp, strap and lead this has all you need - and it looks good! Only black left.

A Stunning little package with a decent Strat and a good amp with built in effects to give a huge range of sounds - perfect for any age of beginner, as the guitar isn't too heavy, but still gives a good tone. Very limited stock, unfortunately, complete with bag, strap and lead.